Eurofin - London

Eurofin International, formed in London in 1984, is the forerunner of the Group. The objective was to provide funding for shipping projects at a time of deep recession in the industry. In addition, banks having problems in this sector chose Eurofin to assist them in restructuring portfolios or obtaining an impartial advice of how best to resolve issues. With the improvement in the fortunes in the shipping sector, a number of Eurofin shipping clients sought to obtain advice for their other non shipping related projects, which started the Group's involvement in other sectors.


Eurofin - Athens

Eurofin S.A was formed in 1989 in Athens to further expand the activities of Eurofin International, taking better care of the promising Greek and South Eastern Europe shipping clients. Moreover, at the time Greece was undergoing a structural reform in a number of sectors and Eurofin associated itself with a number of prominent investment banks to participate in privatizations and capital market transactions.



SEAFIN Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in early 2007 with the objective to maximize the synergies between the Asian shipping network and experience with the European knowhow and expertise in shipping finance. The company provides shipowners, charterers, investors, banks and finance houses a full range of financial services including financial advice, deal structuring, transaction and financial support, and financial market intelligence.

Seafin is focused on pure Asian deals, at the same time however it bridges Eurofin’s existing network of owners, investors and banks in Europe with their Asian shipping counterparts in exploring cross continental opportunities for cooperation. 

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