Real Estate
Real Estate

The two key objectives in connection with Real Estate are:

  • To expand the services of the Eurofin Group in the realm of Real Estate.

Eurofin is looking to support new and existing clients in raising and structuring debt and equity capital for their real estate projects. On the debt side in particular, Eurofin is able to procure the provision of specialised advisory services for work-out and restructuring of existing real estate investment and development loans amidst the current challenging credit environment. Through our extensive contact network in the property banking sector, support is also provided for the (re)financing of debt positions in real estate projects.

  • Pursue real estate investment opportunities on behalf of Eurofin's investor base.

Investment themes are driven by the current challenging credit and economic environment and follow recent dislocations in the real estate capital markets. Current target investments include (i) direct acquisition of property assets in specific European geographic areas and property sectors as well as (ii) capital injections at mezzanine or preferred equity level in the capital structure of income producing as well as development real estate projects.


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